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) The stitching on the eye on all authentic pairs will always be perfectly stitched. Anything with an uneven stitch or any type of defect stitching will most likely be a fake. 
) Most authentic BAPE hoodies will come with this same metal zipper. Make sure the words "bape" on the front side of the zipper are all lower case. Make sure the overall look of the zipper isn't off, many fakes carry the bulkier zippers. Also make sure behind the zipper says "YKK" in the same font. Most fakes are trying to replicate the stamp as well, so make sure you check the rest of the hoodie before judging it.
) Once again, make sure the stitching on the teeth and mouth overall is perfect. Most authentic BAPE hoodies will not have crooked stitching, but perfect stitching on the eyes, mouth, inside tags, and WGM logo. Some monkey tags may vary.
) Make sure both side stitching is perfect and parallel to one another, anything that isn't straight is most likely a fake. The size font should not be able to get rubbed off or any of the printing. Make sure the words "A Bathing Ape" are all straight, most fakes are crooked or slanted.
) For this particular hoodie, the website link printed will be "WWW . BAPE . COM" with spaces in between the periods. Most fakes will usually have the wrong font and have a sloppy print job. Make sure the text is in the correct font and the words printed don't rub off.
) Once again make sure that the website link has a space in between the periods and the correct font is used. Also make sure that the ink cant be rubbed off and is printed straight down and is not crooked.
) Once again make sure that the correct font is used and that the ink cant be rubbed off and is printed straight down and is not crooked. Also for this particular hoodie make sure the size matches the actual hoodie size and says [180/88A]. Fakes will usually have a different size printed on the tags then the actual size tag on the neck.